How to Play Latin Rhythms Like `Montuno´ on Guitar

Learn How to Play `Montuno´ on Guitar -- Guitar Lesson on Latin Rhythms

Learn How to Play `Montuno´ on Guitar -  Guitar Lesson on Latin Rhythms

How’s it going, guys?
John McClennan here with,
bringing you this video lesson.
We’re looking at a montuno,
this time in the key of C major.
We were looking at a few in A minor
and now we’re going to get a major
variation to what we were playing before.

We’re going to start out
on this triad up here, which is
going to be 10, 9, 8, just lining
up my fingers one finger per fret,
and be sure to click the link below
for the tab. But here’s the vamps.
We’re going to start by playing the
root note and then the rest of the chord.
So it’s… And then I take my 3rd finger
and drop it down one string.
And then I go 8, 10. That’s just the
flat 7 and then back to the root there.
And then twice on the G note there. Here we go.

Check it out. Click the link below
and practice vamping that. It can be really
fun to play and we’ll see you in
the next lesson. Thanks for watching.

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