How To Play A Funky Groovy Rhythm On Guitar

Welcome back! today I wanna give you some tips on playing rhythm guitar.

You wouldn’t think about it, but Funk is actually a very popular style today. It might not be exactly like the 70’s, but the style is definitely active in today’s music and Pop music is a great example. Listen to a very popular song Nicki Minaj, Starships. This song was a massive hit when it came out. Sure, a lot of people think it is just some mass produced junk, but nevertheless it is a very popular song which happens to have a very funky guitar line. There are other songs like “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk which are basically a funk song. Just 2 years ago, Get Lucky was in the top 10 for weeks. Of course you could argue that the actual song has Nili Rodgers playing guitar! so why wouldn’t it be a funk song? Maroon 5 is another great example of how funk music is part of today’s music. Almost every one of their songs has a funk element to it.

What I wanna show you right now is a very common rhythm used in Pop/EDM. It is so funky! I really don’t care if it’s very commercial or cliche, it makes me groove so I dig it. If something makes you groove, then you know it is good.

Let’s check it out:


If you play this at 130 bpm, you are good to go. I would suggest using a Telecaster or a Strat with the pickup selector set in the middle position.

If you are planning on recording a rhythm like this one, I think you should not use an amp and instead plug in your guitar directly to the preamp or interface. Some people do prefer the sound of a clean Fender Deluxe. Back in the days, most funk player would go straight into a the console. So hey, if you happen to have a spear console, just give it try because you might like the sound.

Well this is all for today. I hope you enjoyed this lesson and please remember to check out our entire collection of videos.

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