How to Play Chord Triads on Guitar – Part 2

Guitar Lesson on Chord Triads - How to Play Chord Triads on Guitar -- Part II

Guitar Lesson on Chord Triads - How to Play Chord Triads on Guitar - Part II

Hi. I’m John McClennan and I’m here with, bringing you this lesson.

Again, we’re just expanding and expanding.
The more chords that we know, the better.
And here we’re moving those same triad
voicings to the lower strings now.
So our A is going to be right here on
the 5th fret, 4th fret, 2nd fret, just a
three-note chord, A. And if I invert that again,
then I’m going to get 9, 7, 7 and then again,
12, 12, 11. So here are our three shapes.
You’re going to want to play these for your A.
Kind of think of those as just markers for
where I want to build chords from.

Again, we’re going to take that same pattern,
I chord to the IV chord back to the I, to the V,
to the I. So here is our cadence. So we play
A like this and then when we go to D, we’ve
got 5, 5, 4, which is the same shape that we
used up here, but now it’s just lower and it’s
functioning for the D. Here’s your E, A.

What’s so cool is just the cool guitar parts
that you can come up with playing these types
of voicings. So let’s go up to our next shape here.
Here’s our A. We’re going to stretch that out to
a D here which is going to be 10, 9, 7; back to our A.
Here’s our E, A. Inverted again. A, D, A, E, A, all
just using those same three shapes, but moving them around.

Click the link below for the tab and practice all
those chords in those three positions. Thanks for watching.

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