12 Days of Christmas – Day 10 of 12

Hope you enjoy today’s lesson… I’ll announce trivia winner from yesterday’s
question tomorrow.

Apparently my directions weren’t very clear because many people said “Led Zeppelin”,
and I wasn’t talking about the song i played on the guitar, i was talking about the audio

Looks like we had a little “communication breakdown” of our own …ho ho ho… ha ha ha…

Talk soon!

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Well, we’re just flying by, already on
Day 10 of the 12 Days of Christmas.
Here’s another Jimmy Dillon lesson.

All right, that was obviously Jimi Hendrix.
I put it through like a hip hop kind of
jungle beat there. I just wanted to show
you that because it’s something that
sometimes I like to mash-up stuff,
change it around, cross pollinate,
do a different kind of groove and
maybe a cool Hendrix lick over it.

But what I’m going to show you right
now is something totally different.
I’m in the wah-wah mode, but I’m going
to show you two songs that I believe both
have a connection in George Harrison’s garden.
We’re in the Garden here. This is my
garden. This is like my little deal.
But I can remember reading something
about Eric Clapton and he writing in
his garden and I think “Here Comes
the Sun” was one of them.

Now, he did it in a different key with a capo,
but the reason I want to show you this,
and I’m not going to go too in depth with it,
because everybody knows that song. But I wanted
to do that along with a great
Cream song called “Badge”.

What those two have in common is they
have a similar kind of feel to them. “Badge”
obviously has a certain sound. I’m using
a chorus, ensemble chorus, on this one.
You can also use a
Rotovibe or whatever you want.
But that sound, it’s just almost
like a cathedral kind of sound or
an organ.

I just wanted to run that by you as
my lesson for the day, not to really
show you the lick but to just discuss
the sound and how it goes. If you’ve got
a chorus and a little bit of echo you can
really kind of… It sounds like you’re in
Grace Cathedral or Westminster Abby or
something like that.

So I just love that kind of sound. And
if you like what you’re hearing, that
kind of sort of unraveling of how to get
the sound, like Clapton, like Harrison,
check out Eclectic Electric Guitar
Number II. That’s why I’m here today.
So if you like Number I, which I think
some of you did — I know I did. I had
a lot of fun making it — check out
Eclectic Electric Number II. It’s chock-full
of things like this, but also some funky blues,
some great old rock and roll. So check us out.
I’m going to get a little bigger with it.
See you soon.

All right. I hope you enjoyed that. More
stuff coming so stay tuned. I’ll see you
tomorrow. Ho, ho, ho.

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