12 Days of Christmas – Day 7 of 12

Today we got another lesson from Jimmy Dillon showing a very cool guitar lick
from one of my all time favorite guitarists: Eric Clapton. Check it out.

Enjoy more lessons and another triva contest coming next! Also chceck out:

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Welcome to Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas.
Yes, it’s me, Santa Claude Johnson and here’s
another lesson from the man, the myth,
the legend, Jimmy Dillon.

All right, we all know that song. It’s
the intro for “Layla”. Now that’s one of
the most iconic rock licks that I can think
of and, you know, I’m talking about my new
product Eclectic Electric number II. We did
number I last year. It’s chock-full of all
kinds of iconic, really cool rock licks,
you know, legendary stuff and also some
original stuff as well.

But I wanted to give you one that
you could remember and show you how
it goes. It’ basically starting on
an A string. That’s a pretty easy little lick.
Then you kind of walk down a little D chord.
So it’s just D, C, E flat. Play it on
the A and D string.

We’ve all heard that lick a million
times and some of you probably know it.
The high lick goes… So what’s really
clever about that is that they both lock-in
together in a really interesting sort of
off-hand kind of way.

Now the ending, as you probably know, is
played by Duane Allman. I’ll get to
that later. That’s a slide piece and
that’s a little bit trickier. It’s got a
beautiful melody, of course, that climbs.

So I wanted to give you a little bit of
“Layla” and show you how it goes and let you
know that I’m going to be teaching one lesson
every day, leading right up to the release of
Eclectic Electric Number II. So stick around,
stay with us.

Thank you so much for watching. I really hope
you enjoy these lessons and I’ve got more
lessons coming for you and another trivia
contest. And if you haven’t bought the 2012
Christmas Guitar Course I’ve got one word
for you, go! Click the link below. Ho, ho, ho.
I guess that’s more than one word,
for sure. Just sometimes I get into
the flow. You might even want to help
the kids. Boy you get dozens of lessons
from above with a price that’s low.
You got nothing to lose. Go, click the
link below. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Ro, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

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