12 Days of Christmas – Day 2 of 12

Here’s Day 2 – with another great guitar lesson from Jimmy Dillon.
Today’s lesson features some great licks by the Beatles
and also Roy Orbison.

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Ho, ho, ho. Santa Claude Johnson back
with Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas.
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the Christmas guitar course. It’s only
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Now, here’s another lesson from
Jimmy Dillon; check it out.

Hey, I’m Jimmy Dillon and back with
iconic licks, great licks from all
the old rock and roll days all the
way up to the present day. I’m just
excited to tell you about Eclectic
Electric II. It’s a DVD course I’m just

So what I want to do is show you some
cool licks that are also included in
my course. This one I want to give
you two licks for the price of one.
This is a Beatles lick from “I Want
to Tell You”. I think it’s on
“Revolver”. I’m not sure. But
it’s kind of cool.

It’s open E string and then the octave.
So this one definitely has a ringing
kind of quality to it, kind of a
chiming. George Harrison was famous
for those. I’m going to slow that
down now and show you how it’s done.

You start out with your low E string
and hit an octave on the A string,
and octave E note. You let that E
ring-out. Pick up the E again,
there’s a D and you hit an E
and a B note. So if you slow it down.

Then you hit an open E and you pick up an
open D string and an open A string.
There’s a C sharp in there. So if you
put it all together it goes like this.
E, D, A, E, C sharp, A.

Now what I want to do is — that’s a
Beatles lick, but I wanted to go a
little bit further back and show you
another lick that’s by a guy who
played a guitar that looked a lot
like this one. His name was Roy
Orbison, classic, amazing, the
Crusoe of rock and roll, right?
Yes, there was life before Van Halen.

The reason I put those two licks together,
because they both have that really
great twangy rock and roll quality.
So that’s Roy Orbison and the Beatles
mixed in together. So here’s what it
sounds like. If you like this kind of
stuff, pick up Eclectic Electric II
and I go way into all of this kind of
cool old rock and roll, funky blues,
you know, eclectic electric. That’s
what it’s about.

So here it is together.

Okay, stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll
have a mystery trivia question where
you can win a free guitar and don’t
forget to pick up a copy of
the Christmas Guitar Course and
also pick up the Jimmy Dillon box
set at eclecticelectricguitar.com.
See you tomorrow. Ho, ho, ho.

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