How to Do Legato Guitar Exercise For Speed Building

Here’s a little follow up to yesterday’s
legato lesson.


The idea is similar to yesterday: Create some cool sounds using
linear motion in the major scale with a
fast tempo and all hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Today, we throw in an additional twist:
We are SLIDING with our first finger.
This seems to be a trademark of a lot
of the famous shredders: Combining
hammer-ons and pull-ofs with slides.
Indeed, it is a very useful technique.

Today’s lick is really cool because
it is a repeating lick. When you
get to the end, you go back to the
beginning with another hammer-on.

So you can repeat this as long as
you want. You can also get a really
cool effect by starting slow and
then speeding it up.

It also works well because its exactly
16 notes long.

Please note that when you’re playing the
6th , 7th, and 9th frets together, you’ll be using
your first finger, MIDDLE finger, and pinky, and when
you’re playing the 4th, 6th, and 7th frets, you’ll be using
your first finger, RING finger and pinky.

And again, the slides are with the first finger.

Try it and have fun!




Hey, how’s it going? It’s Claude Johnson from
and today I want to show you a cool legato exercise. It’s a
repeating lick. It’s going to help build your legato chops
and hopefully give you some cool ideas to play some nice,
melodic licks on the fretboard. Here’s the exercise.

We’re starting here on the 6th fret of the G string and
we’re going to go 6-7-9 with our 1st finger middle finger
and pinkie. Hammer-on and pull-off: 6-7-9-7-6. Then we’re
going to slide with our 1st finger down to the 4th fret.
Then we’re going to pay with our 1st finger, ring finger
and pinkie. We’re going 4-6-7. Then we go to the next
string, again, 7-6-4. Here’s the next slide, sliding
again with our 1st finger up from the 4th to the 6th.
And then back to 6-7-9. Then we repeat the whole thing.

Keep in mind when you’re on this part of the neck
versus this part of the neck, here you’re using
your 1st, middle finger and pinkie and then here 1st,
ring finger and pinkie. Again, real slow. Then when
you get back to the beginning, that’s the hardest
part, is really getting back up to the G
string with enough force.

So I hope you enjoyed that. Please check the tabs
and subscribe to the YouTube channel and don’t forget
to comment on the video. Have an awesome day.

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