How to Do The Basic Pentatonic Guitar Soloing

Basic Pentatonic Soloing

Basic Pentatonic Soloing

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here and I want to continue on with
this bluesy chord. Here’s a classic Lightenin’ Hopkins lick.

We have an E7. We’re going to slide into it. Triplets: one,
two, three; one, two, three. Slide back, pull off and then
hit the E. Then we’re going to hit the low E. Nice Lightenin’
Hopkins Lick. If you don’t know who Lightenin’ Hopkins is,
go look him up. He’s one of the icons of blues.

Another thing you can do — we talked about this as well —
you can hit your E7, slide it back one fret, and then E.
Here’s the magic part. When you go to your E7, open position,
I want you to add a pinkie here, up on the 3rd fret B string,
which is a D, which is, of course, still an E7, but it gives
it another characteristic and it sets it up for that change
to the IV. Hopefully you caught that. Once again… D note,
then to the A.

There you go. A nice little blues lesson for you. I recommend
just learning as many different little things as you can.
Build-up a kind of vocabulary. A good place to get started,
though a really shortcut you’re learning, is
or you can go to Probably a better
place to go. It will take you to the How to Play Smokin’ Blues course.

Go ahead; check it out. Order the DVDs and you’ll save
a ton of time researching different stuff. Once again,

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