How to Play Country Chords – Amazing Guitar Lesson for Beginners

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson with Guitar Control, I want to teach you an Amazing Beginner Guitar Lesson On Country Chords. Be sure to get the tabs so you can follow along with this Amazing Beginner Guitar Lesson On Country Chords.

Amazing Beginner Guitar Lesson On Country Chords

The Chords

For this Amazing Beginner Guitar Lesson On Country Chords lesson you need to know an A chord and the E chord and then F sharp minor barre chord and a D chord. Now if you don’t already know those, check my other lessons for learning the basic beginner chords. And you can also, if you want to click the link in the video description, I’ll show you those chords as well. You can also check-out my beginner guitar course.


Basically I want to show you the strum. It’s kind of a similar rhythm to “Country Roads” by John Denver. I call it a boom-chicka. It’s like a… I’m hitting the A string and then the low note is my boom. Then I hit… So it’s like a I V. What that means is I’m in the key of A and I kind of have the major scale. That’s my E note. A little bit of theory, don’t worry about it for now if you don’t understand. All you need to know, form your A chord, get that down first.

Now what you can do is you can take that across different chords. So it’s A, E. On the E chord you hit the low E and then the B. So that’s — already have that held down, fretted on the A string 2nd fret, F sharp, D. So the F sharp minor, again, it’s low E string and A string. On the D, it’s the D string and then the A string. So the whole thing like this.


Try that out. Let me know how you make out with it. If you’re a beginner and you want to learn the fastest way to play all your favorite songs, check-out You can also click the link in the video description and I’ll give you more detailed explanations with some chord
charts and stuff. So two choices: click on the link for some more free stuff, or if you’re ready to invest in some amazing DVDs, just go to

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