Blues solo with Meteoro Nitrous NDE15 Amp

Blues solo with Meteoro Nitrous NDE15 Amp

Hey, Claude Johnson here, and today I’m going to do a
quick video using the Meteoro Nitrous NDE15. It’s an
amazing little amp and I’m going to do a nice little
jamming guitar solo for you.

It’s a 15 watt, two-channel amp; plenty of power with
reverb, chorus, and 16 different effects. I don’t have
time to give you a full demo today, but here’s a little

All right, so if you like what you’re hearing go ahead
and order your own Nitrous NDE15. Free shipping in the U.S.
and I guarantee you’re going to love the tone. Otherwise,
you’re going to send it back and we’ll even cover shipping
within the U.S. to send it back. So you have nothing to lose.
Go ahead and order yours now while supplies last.


Meteoro Nitrous NDE15 Amp

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