easy beginner songs for acoustic – linkin park

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Easy Beginner Songs for Acoustic – Linkin Park

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here with guitarcontrol.wpmudev.host.
Today I want to take a look at Linkin Park’s song “Numb”.
Let me just play a couple bars and then I’ll break-down what
I’m doing here. That was just a little taste there.

What I’m doing is I’m translating their song from a full
band with electric to just one guitar with acoustic. So
I’m kind of approximating with this strum to get the feel.
And you can do this by ear. It’s very intuitive. Because
when you listen to it you’re just hearing that…
Just feel the pulse of it.

For this particular strum rhythm it’s like this: one, two,
three, four-and; one, two, three, four-and; one, two, three,
four-and. It’s important to get the right strum.

What I’m doing, I’ve got this capo, this thing here.
A little metal thing that kind of clamps-on. It clamps-on
to the second fret which allows me to use open shape
chords to play it in key. This is actually like an F
sharp minor chord, but I’m playing an E minor shape.

If you know the basic chords, E minor, C, G, D, I’m making
the same shapes here and I get the same — they’re shifted
up a key, but it’s the same shape. I’ll just say the shapes:
E minor, C, G, D. Another example of how you can take those
same basic shapes and, with the help of a capo, play a
really awesome song.

If you’d like to learn more about learning to play all
your favorite songs, please check-out my beginner guitar
course, guitarcontrol.wpmudev.host/beginner. It’s great for
intermediate, even advanced players, too, but especially
for beginners. You, too, can play all your favorite songs.

All right, take care.