Easy Tips You Need to Know on Playing Lead Guitar

Check out How to Play Lead Guitar – Easy Guitar Tips on Playing Lead Guitar from Guitar Control founder and instructor Claude Johnson.

How to Play Lead Guitar - Easy Guitar Tips on Playing Lead Guitar

How to Play Lead Guitar – Easy Guitar Tips on Playing Lead Guitar

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here with GuitarControl.com
and I want to talk about playing lead.

Backing Track For Playing Lead Guitar

Really, the fastest way to play lead is, first of all,
you need to get yourself a backing track. I provide tons
of them if you’re part of my Guitar God Club or even just
on my list or my blog. There are tons of great resources.

Know what key you’re in. So get the backing track is step
one. Step two, know what key you’re in. And then three,
all you need to do is you can just start with the basic
pentatonic scale: one scale, one position.

Playing With Backing Track

I’ll put on a track right now which is in the key of F.
If I’m using the F pentatonic scale, and by the way, F
is a very unusual key, a little bit, for guitar. I don’t
even need to slide up the neck; I’ll just stay right here
and just play some leads. Let me get up and hit the button
and we’re going to see what happens here. Here we go.
I was adding a few extra notes.

So that’s all you need to do and if you want more information
on everything you need to know to play lead guitar, just go
to guitarcontrol.com/lead and I’ll hook you up big time.
So check it out. Thanks for watching.

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