How to Use Pentatonic Scales on Blues Guitar

How to Use Pentatonic Scales on Guitar - Blues Guitar Lesson on Pentatonic Scales

Hey. Claude Johnson here with and I want
to talk about using pentatonic scale, how to use these
pentatonics. It’s not about going straight up and down
the scale. That’s really not very musical. It’s more
about, can you play melodies.

I think the easiest way to get started with this is to
learn to play some basic licks that end up on the root.
Here’s a basic one for you. You can play this in any
variety of rhythm. You can do something even simpler,
like just three notes down. The vibrato really helps
with that. Try noodling around. I know noodling has a
bad name, but it just means kind of fool around, but
always end up on that root, or that root, same thing,

What you can do — this is a really important concept.
We’re resolving on one root, but then kind of keep going.
Like, you pretend to resolve it, but you’re not done yet.
I hope that made sense. It’s like I almost resolved it,
and you could. You could stop there, but go to the next
root, either up or down.

And then what you can do is start resolving to other notes,
like the fourth. And there, that can be the end of your lick,
or you just keep going. That’s the nice thing about the
pentatonic and just kind of noodling with it, is that anywhere
you land you can keep going. That’s kind of how — that’s one
of the best ways I feel to just get a mastery of this stuff.

I’m going to talk about this concept a little deeper in Super
Charged Soloing Made Simple, so check that out if you’re into
this kind of thing. Go to
Thanks so much for watching and I’ll talk to you later.

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