Win $600! Solo/testimonial contest.


I have a pretty exciting little contest
that I want to share with you.

It’s a “solo/testimonial” contest.

Here’s the scoop:

I’m basically looking for video
testimonials that I can use to
help promote Guitar Control.

The videos should be of you
playing a little bit of
lead guitar, and then
putting in a good word for us 🙂

The top prize is $600 cash.

There’s 2 video clips I need
from you. First, a clip of
you soloing. Second, a video
testimonial telling us what
you like or what you learned
from Guitar Control.

Ideally, I’m looking for folks
that own the “Killer Guitar Control Secrets” DVDs
and used it to improve their lead guitar.

(If you don’t have Killer
Guitar Control Secrets and would
like to order it, go here:)


If you bought another course
or even if you learned from our free
blog posts, you can still enter
our testimonial contest and let
us know what you’re vibing with.

You can always find tons of great
free lessons here:


I’ll go over the contest rules in just a moment…

First let me tell you what the prizes are:

1. Top prize: $600
2. Second prize: New Spear electric guitar
3. Third prize: New Spear electric guitar
4. Fourth prize: Pack of DVDs worth $300.
5. Fifth prize: Pack of DVDs worth $300.

I’ll also give a special “consolation prize”
to everyone that participates but doesn’t
win a top prize, so your time won’t be
wasted no matter what.


1. To enter, please upload your videos
to Youtube (you can make them unlisted
if you want) and email us the link
to: [email protected]

Please only use Youtube.
Do not mail us raw video files.

Again, make sure to use this special
address [email protected]

2. You can send us a single video
that you edited together, or 2
seperate videos; either is fine.

3. Remember, the first video should
be of you playing lead guitar; the
second video should be you talking
about what you learned, how much you
learned, or how much you are digging
Claude Johnson, Guitar Control, or
Killer Guitar Control Secrets.

4. The soloing doesn’t have to be
long — we will likely only use
a few seconds of the best bits

In fact, if you’re not developed
yet with your soloing, you can
play whatever you want, or just
give us the testimonial part.

5. Feel free to use backing tracks,
either from the Guitar God club,
or elsewhere.

6. We ARE looking for good audio/video
quality. It will factor into the

7. DO show your face when playing
and talking. DO wear the same
shirt and use the same background
on both parts for continuity.

8. Its ok if you shoot the video
in your bedroom, just try to
pick up most of the dirty laundry
off the floor 🙂

9. The more glowing the testimonial,
the better, but keep it real. We
want genuine testimonials.

10. By entering, you agree that you
are giving us the video and all rights
without restrictions to use in our
marketing and generally do with what
we choose. yadda yadda yadda.

Good luck!

I have more big announcements
coming soon.

Actually tomorrow, I have something
really cool for all you teachers
out there.

Basically a way for you to earn
6 figures a year with your guitar.

And again, I’m very proud of Killer
Guitar Control Secrets and can’t
wait to hear how it’s helped you
with your playing.

If you don’t own it and want to find
out more , go here:


Stay tuned.

Claude J.

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