Know What Is The Country Guitar Style Of Playing

Hey Country Fans! CMC here. Welcome to another mini-shot of musical Espresso for all you guitar pickers, players and music appreciators, out there: Country Guitar Licks.

You’ve found the right place- Guitar has everything you need to get in the groove and start playin’ some might tasty licks and chops on a variety of instruments in a variety of styles. So what’s for dinner? -Just think of us as your pit stop to All things Country Diner.

So, pull over and enjoy some grub! By the way, who am I? Who’s this CMC dude? Well, I’m no different than you actuallyjust a guitar player wantin’ to learn a little more, add a few more tricks to my bag of wonders.

So, let’s mosey on down this road for a moment, together:

Brent Mason Style Lesson

Checking out your own personal Country Guitar World promises to be a fun and rewarding endeavor, one from which players from any background will be pleased to find themselves on a road trip chock filled with fun. These days, Country Guitar is a trail mix of down home classics and more edgy playing styles that came in from every part of the music universe.

Today’s Country is part blues, part bluegrass, part rock and roll, and even a little jazz thrown in for good measure. All these influences offer a popular mixture accessible to all players everywhere, from beginners to pros who’ve mastered the more difficult and nuanced aspects of the art.

Your cornerstone of Country Guitar’s legendary and popular sound will be Major and Minor pentatonic scales, the major scale and Mixolydian mode, major/minor chords, arpeggios, dominant 7ths and 9ths, and smart, timely use of chromatic passing tones.

Brad Paisley Style Lesson

Typical Country guitar-playing styles include fingerpicking, flat picking and the mixing of both. There’s also quite a bit of open strings and licks played in the “open position,” providing the “twangy” tone. last but not least, there’s lots of string bending and finger sliding. Heck yeah!

Well, there you have it- a quick shot, mini-intro to Country Guitar Licks. It’s not too heavy; just enough to get you outta that ditch, you know, the one that keeps tellin’ you “I can’t do that” or “I don’t want to do that.” So, get it in gear, hit the road and grab that guitar! You know you’re going to go far!

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