The 12 Rock Riff "Power Factors"

In the first part of “Rock Riffs Made Simple”, Virtuwul talks
about the 12 Rock Riff Power Factors.

Here’s a sample video:

Here’s a brief description of 6 of the 12 Rock Riff Power Factors:

Rock Riff Power Factor #1: Master Your Sound Throttle

You’re going to learn how Tool uses
this trick to “juice a riff” multiple
ways to get huge pay-offs in the same song.

This is also the “secret sauce” that makes
the key notes “punch”.  If you fail to do this, your
riffs just won’t have any “oomph” to them.

Rock Riff Power Factor #2: Cover The Ear With Delight

This next secret is basically the opposite
of Rock Riff Power Factor #1. When you use them together
you’re going to create “wicked varying intensity”.

Rock Riff Power Factor #3: Punching Rock Riffs

This is another way to make your riffs stick
out and blow your friends and fans away.

Rock Riff Power Factor #4: Silent Heaviness

Simple. Powerful. Heavy.  That’s how I describe this
easy to implement secret. In fact, this is such a
powerful technique live that you don’t want to abuse it too much.

Rock Riff Power Factor #5: Slow Heavy Grooves

Learn how Metallica uses this to create
some of their heaviest songs come to life.

Rock Riff Power Factor #6: Pedal To The Metal

This is one of Megadeth’s favorite techniques.
When you combine this with “Rock Riff Power Factor #5” —
you’ve got a great formula for a song.
You’re going to kickstart the adrenaline with this one…

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