How To Make Your Own Guitar Voicing Through Eclectic Electric Course

Our most popular guitar instructor
for the past couple years (excluding
me of course HAHA)…

… has been Jimmy Dillon.

Actually I just got off the phone
with Jimmy — he’s excited about
beating out Sammy Hagar for this
year’s Milley award.

I guess they are doing a big
gig this weekend to celebrate
with all the local hotshots
(Sammy, Bob Weir, etc)…

I’M excited because we’re coming
out with the next Jimmy Dillon
product: Eclectic Electric II.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

Hi, I’m Jimmy Dillon. Welcome to
Eclectic Electric II. In this product
we’re going to delve into a lot of the
stuff we did in the first time around and
we’re going to go even deeper into some
really fun grooves and I’m going to show
you how I get the sounds I get.

We’ll get into some rock stuff. We’re going
to revisit Jimi Hendrix again,
because that one was a big hit the
first time out and I love playing that kind
of stuff. But mostly I’m going to give you
tools that you can use, really simple devices
and tools that you can use in your own
playing to get the same sounds I’m working
with here and ultimately find your own
true voice, which is what our goal
is here. So let’s get on with it.

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