I'm giving away 138 prizes!

I’m extremely excited to announce that
“Eclectic Electric” will be released on:

Wednesday, March 2nd
(that’s in a few days from now)
at noon eastern, 11 am central,
10 am mountain and 9 am pacific.

Here’s 7 reasons you want to mark that on your calendar
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#1. The first 3 buyers are going to receive a PHREE GUITAR
from Rok Stark, including a case, tuner, and strap.

#2. The first 10 buyers get a smokin’ little Smokey Amp.

#3. The first 25 buyers get a free set of guitar strings.

#4. The first 100 buyers get “The Best Of Jimmy Dillon CD”.

#5. Finally: the special discounted price will only be available
for the first 7 days.  So don’t miss out…  Make sure you’re
one of the first buyers, because I want you to win a free CD!

#6. You get FULL TABS of everything on the 3 DVDs.

#7. The people who buy the course the first week get
access to an exclusive private teleseminar called
“Legendary Guitar Tone Secrets”.

You’re going to get a lifetime of learning for a great price.
Plus: you’ll get a guitar, strings, amp and CD if you’re fast enough to act.

Keep on strumming!

How to play your favorite songs from the 60's & 70's on the guitar


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