Eclectic Electric Guitarists of All Time By Jimmy Dillon

Folks, in case you missed the call about the “tree” with Jimmy, here’s a recording of it.
It’s about an hour long and 70MB. Enjoy!


I realize I should call this Jimmy Dillon’s Eclectic History of my favorite
Electric Guitarists….live and learn!
Still it has been great to read all your comments and opinions…
To answer a few questions, yes I think rhythm guitar is super
important and much overlooked by players. Also many of you list
acoustic guitarists as “missing” from this, but we are only concerned
with electric players. It would be fun to do a strictly acoustic tree
Yes, Django did play electric. Im very familiar with most of the
players that some of you insist should be on my tree… but if they
did not inspire or influence me it would be incorrect to list
them….they should go on your tree, not mine…dig?
Thanks again for all your comments, it has really gotten me checking
out your faves which is always fun and informative.
For me it’s all about being open to players I’ve never heard, thus
deepening my knowledge of guitar.
Stay tuned for a full list as I know it is hard to read some of the
names on the tree. I ll also try and comment a bit on why they made
it as well as why some didn’t.

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