5 Easy To Play Guitar Songs For Beginners

Hey everyone! CMC here. Wasssup? Ready for another mini -shot of musical Espresso for your rockin’ journey? Heck yeah, so let’s dive in, dig it and just do it: get ready for some Guitar Beginner Songs!

So, you’ve just picked up your first guitar-maybe electric maybe acoustic. You know what you wanna do-you just want to play, right? Awesome- you’ve come to the right place-Guitar Control.com Is your one stop shop for all things Guitar Beginner Songs. We’ve got the goods in the hood and yes, you
should- you should definitely learn some beginner songs.

The Ultimate Guitar Song Collection

I’ve said it before and as I’ve said before, it bears repeating. Greatness comes through repetition. Doing a thing “religiously” is the fastest road to guitar godhood, to what Jimi Hendrix called his “electric church.” Heck, most churches these days are electrified, so he knew what he was talking about.

Maybe you just want to learn a few chords or maybe you dream of being the next Hendrix. But most of you are somewhere in between and that’s OK. Take a load off, as they say. Sat a spell, pick up your axe (that’s what some of us call our guitar) and get those fingers in shape!

There is not much more rewarding, hobby-wise or professionally, than that amazing collection of wood,
plastic, metal, paint and sometimes electricity that we call the “guitar.”

The thing goes waaaay back to the bible days and you’ll find that even King David-the man with the sling (shot) who was the original “Slayer” was a player. His stringed playing (some kind of stringed instrument) was able to soothe his enemies and calm evil spirits. Pretty awesome, huh? So, don’t limit yourself. You might be a beginner, you might be gangstabut don’t put yourself in a box. We’re in crazy times and new eras, where anything is possible.

Hey Joe intro Guitar Lesson

So, here’s a quick little shuffled list of five of my
favorites; songs I played when I first picked up the guitar.
It might not be perfect for you but it’s something to take a
look at. It’s a starting point, a launching pad. From here,
do all the exploring you need to get your game on!

1. House of the Rising Sun (the Animals)
2. Hey Joe (Hendrix)
3. Purple Haze (Hendrix)
4. Venus (Shocking Blue)
5. Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival)


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