Quick Lesson On Guitar Songs – How Did They Start

Hey all, CMC here. Today’s Guitarticle is on GUITAR SONG.
Now, I know what you’re thinkin’ : FREE BIRD, right? Of
course not!- Stairway to Heaven! Regardless, let’s talk about
guitar songs. What are they? Where do they come from? Where
did they start? And what does this all have to do with YOU?
OK, here goes:

GUITAR SONGS: WHAT THEY ARE? My take on this is pretty basic
and simple. I’d say that guitar songs are song written on and
for our favorite instrument- the six-stringed (or 12 string
variety) guitar. They can be classical, country, jazz or a
few other styles. Not likely you’ll find them on EDM charts
but for any number of today’s stylists, they dominate. And
why? Because GUITAR ROCKS, right???

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Wow-the rabbit hole goes deep on this one. How deep? Well,
heck, one could go all the way back to bible days if you
really want to dig deep. The harp and other stringed
instruments were “instrumental” in Old Testament sacred
worship. One of the most interesting accounts in the bible is
that of King David. Yes, he did more than slay Goliath- did
you know he was a guitar hero as well? Yep-the story goes
that his predecessor, King Saul was so envious of the young
stud that he constantly wanted to kill him and frequently
hurled his spear at young David. What did David do to help
Saul chill out? He played chill music on the harp! And yes,
it worked- David went on the act like a true rock star,
writing songs called “Psalms” and bedding babes like
Bathsheba. Flash forward to the 20th Century: someone had the
bright idea of electrifying the guitar. (more on that in a
later Guitarticle) In the 30’s and 40’s people (mostly black
folk from what I’ve heard) started playing the blues in the
Mississippi delta, headed up to Chicago…the 50’s arrived, a
dude named Elvis was inspired, went on TV and the rest is
history- Rock and Roll was born.

What does this all have to do with YOU, you ask. Well, that
all depends on YOU and what YOU want out of this. I said this
in the last piece and it’s worth repeating- figuring out,
getting clear, being intentional about this is key. People
like Page, Jeff Beck, Hendrix and other greats had it figured
out at an early age. They weren’t messing around. It was no
joke. Sure, it was fun, sure a huge part was getting laid.
But deep down, they knew it had to be real. It had to be
serious and a commitment. Do that and ye shall prosper!

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