Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners


Good day, mates! No–I’m not Australian, just a good ol Yank
livin in Hollywood. CMC here and today’s hot topic is SONGS

So I know what you’re thinking. It’s almost too cliche,
right? Stairway to Heaven…Free Bird…RUSH. What’s up with
that? Well, what’s up with that is that they are dang good
songs. Back in the day when I started, another popular one
was Greensleves. (A traditional English folk song)Oh but I
doth date myself too much! So what are some other cool tunes
to hit up?

For me, the choice might have a lot to do with whether I’m
playing an acoustic, 12 string acoustic, metal string
acoustic or electric. If I’ve got a metal string acoustic,
Stairway to Heaven might actually be a great song to learn.
Actually,just about anything by the Maestro, Mr. Page, would
be awesome. I especially recommend The Rain Song if you want
to learn some really cool chords you wont see anywhere else.
For something simple, classic and poppy, how ‘bout Venus?

Check out this cool ACOUSTIC GUITAR LESSON

For classical guitar, aint nothing like some Bach. There are
some fairly basic Back pieces but of course Bach is Bach, always
a challenge for the beginner. And check out some YES.
Steve Howe is the man!

What about electric? How ‘bout Smoke on the Water? or
Creedence Clearwater Rev ival’s Proud Mary? These are pretty
basic but a blast if you’ve got a good old tube Marshall or
Fender amp.

Got a 12 -string? How about some Supertramp. Give a little
bit….is about as good as it gets. Or how about House of the
Rising Sun?

I’m not as familiar with lots of other genres- Country, Folk,
Jazz, etc however, I’m sure there are any number of amazing
classics in those styles as well.

Watch and learn this FAMOUS GUITAR RIFF

The point is to get in the groove. Yes, that’s cliche but
it’s the truth. No one…and I mean no one (except maybe
Hendrix) just made stuff up outta the blue. You got to start
somewhere, you gotta learn. And what better way to learn than
by getting in the groove with songs that millions of others
have played. And you know what? Once you do, THEN you can
start riffin…you can start going off on your own tangent.
That’s what all these cats did. They learned other peoples
stuff first. And that’s what you need to do. So get out those
song books or YouTube and get to work!

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