Top 100 Of The Great Guitar Songs

I love making lists about music. A list featuring the top 100 of anything having to do with music is going to be a subjective list. My favorite guitar players aren’t your favorite guitar players, my favorite singers or albums won’t be your favorite singers or albums. Still, these lists are fun to make.

The top 100 guitar songs is a challenging list. Throughout the history of music, there have been some great guitar songs. How far back do you go? How do you measure a great guitar song? Is it the solo, is it the overall song? Are we talking about songs that are great for electric, acoustic, or both? The top 100 guitar songs is certainly subjective, but I’m going to go for it. Here are 100 guitar songs I think are fantastic. The criteria is loose to be sure. I base this list on some of the elements I mentioned above, and some make this list because they are, by default, consider by fans to be great guitar songs. The top 100 guitar songs listed here are by no means listed in any particular order.

1. Born to Be Wild
2. Stairway to Heaven
3. Rock and Roll all Nite
4. Highway to Hell
5. Back in Black
6. Shook Me all Night Long
7. Hotel California
8. Purple Haze
9. All Along the Watchtower
10. Layla
11. Sweet Child O Mine
12. Crazy Train
13. Whole Lotta Love
14. Sympathy for the Devil
15. Beast of Burden
16. Patience
17. Maggie May
18. Have You Ever Seen the Rain
19. Sultans of Swing
20. Stranglehold
21. Cat Scratch Fever
22. Free for All
23. More Than a Feeling
24. Long Time
25. The Joker
26. Wanted Dead or Alive
27. Johnny B. Goode
28. Brown Sugar
29. Little Wing
30. Surrender
31. I Want You to Want Me
32. Freebird
33. Night Moves
34. Hollywood Nights
35. Travelin’ Man
36. Beautiful Loser
37. Born to Run
38. Bad to the Bone
39. You Wear It Well
40. Hot Legs
41. I Ain’t Superstitious
42. Black Sabbath
43. Iron Man
44. Smoke on the Water
45. Statesboro Blues
46. Ramblin’ Man
47. Start Me Up
48. Take It Easy
49. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
50. White Room
51. Summer of 69
52. La Grange
53. Photograph
54. Rock You Like a Hurricane
55. Roll Over Beethoven
56. Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller
57. Money for Nothin’
58. Refugee
59. Satisfaction
60. Feel Like Makin’ Love
61. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
62. Rock N Me
63. Fade to Black
64. Enter Sandman
65. Smells Like Teen Spirit
66. Runnin’ with the Devil
67. Eruption
68. Surfing with the Alien
69. Purple Rain
70. Crossroads
71. Let There Be Rock
72. The Boys Are back in Town
73. Jailbreak
74. Cowboy Song
75. Born to Run
76. Comfortably Numb
77. Texas Flood
78. Fade to Black
79. Reelin’ in the Years
80. After the Thrill Is Gone
81. You Really Got Me
82. Master of Puppets
83. Money
84. Won’ Get Fooled Again
85. Walk This Way
86. Sweet Emotion
87. Honky Tonk Woman
88. There’s Only One Way To Rock
89. Baba O Reilly
90. Tush
91. Gimme all Your Lovin’
92. Wonderful Tonight
93. Sunshne of Your Love
94. Lay Down Sally
95. Come Sail Away
96. Renegade
97. Blue Collar Man
98. Ridin’ the Storm Out
99. Sweet Home Alabama
100. Like a Rolling Stone

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That’s it. The top 100 guitar songs. Feel free to make your own list. This is a subjective topic and one that’s fun to visit.

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