How To Do The Rasgueado | Powerful Guitar Strumming Technique

Hey Guitarists…
Ok, today I just feel like being silly. Someone told me last
week I look like Hootie , from Hootie and the blowfish…
At first, I said… that’s ridiculous. He’s black and I’m white.
But then I looked at some pictures and I actually see the resemblence.
So I put us side by side, haha…

I know, I’m ridiculous.
And now for your guitar tip of the day:
Try this strumming technique: Take any chord — say E minor for example
in the open position. Now with your right hand, use your pinky to do an upstroke on a few of
the strings. Then do the same with your ring finger, the your middle finger,
then your index finger. Finally, use your thumb to strum downwards.
Do all 5 strokes one after another, quickly, in rhythm.
This takes getting used to! But it’s a powerful guitar technique called
“rasgueado” (pronounced RAS-GAE-AH-DO) used by flamenco guitarists and
even some other guitarists like blues legend Roy Buchanan.
Try it out! GO!

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