How to Do The Chromatic Lead Guitar Pattern


Here’s another really cool lick for you. Check this one out.
Kind of like chromatic, but I’m like literally ascending the
whole neck.

I start at the 7th fret. As we’re doing this, we’re skipping —
pretty cool. We go 7, 9, 10 and then we’re walking. We use —
every time it’s a half step. From the top again, nice and slow.
Up to speed now, put a little delay on there. At the top you can
definitely try this about 180 to 190 beats per minute. Let it come in.

Okay, what I was doing is I showed you different ways of playing it.
How do you find your own when you do something like this? Again, I
always feel like you can learn a lot of stuff from books, which I
have no problem with. I mean, I think it’s great. You should learn
all your major scales, your minor scales, but then I think you should
like try to be your own. I mean, bottom line is, play with it. Never
listen — now I’m going to probably get in trouble saying this, but
never listen to somebody say you can’t do it; it doesn’t sound right.
If it works and you really feel it, try it. If it really sounds out of
key, you know. But just make sure you just try different things.

To find it, just look at the neck. Again, look at the neck. Listen to
the song, see where you’re fingering, you’re picking. I try to find
something that really — something that says a lot to you when you’re
playing. At the end of the day, be happy with what you play. You can’t
please the world and I’ve made many records over my life and I’ve heard
from people, oh, my God, that guy’s a hack or this guy is that. It’s like,
you know what? I did the best I could do and that’s the best way of saying it.

You know, you’re going to have good days where you’re just going to
shred, some days you’re going to have crappy days. You have the
Brett Favre syndrome. The guy will throw five touchdowns one Sunday
and the next weekend he’ll throw no touchdowns and everybody hates him.
So when you’re really looking for yourself, be yourself. That’s it.
That’s the only way of doing it.

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