How to Learn The Different Guitar Chords

The basic building blocks on the guitar are guitar chords.
Every single song ever written has guitar chord progressions which are made of a variety of guitar chords.

So let’s start with some beginner guitar chords.
The first chords you should learn how to play should be easy one to do such as:
E minor, E major, and A major. Even E minor 7 (although it sounds fancy) is super easy to play.

Then once you start building strength and control in your fingers,
and you know how to play these guitar chords: you can move on
to some slightly more challenging guitar chords like: C, G, D… and also: A minor, and D minor.

Then, you’re ready for guitar barre chords. F and F minor are great places to start.
So is B and B minor. Once you know those guitar chords, you can easily play almost
all the various guitar chords all over the fretboard.

First, you can use guitar chord charts, or guitar chord finders to help you get started.
Also, learning to read guitar chord tabs is strongly recommended.

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