The ultimate guide to acoustic guitar lessons

The acoustic guitar is an amazing world that has tons of various side streets, branches and rivers. You’ve got: acoustic fingerstyle guitar, blues acoustic guitar lessons, acoustic guitar finger picking, acoustic country blues guitar and much more…

Plus: you’ve got all kinds of wild techniques you can do like: acoustic guitar alternate tunings, acoustic slide guitar and so on.

However: let’s start with the basic beginner acoustic guitar lessons. First: you need to learn your barre chords on the acoustic. That’s one of the first steps after learning your beginner guitar chords like “G, D, C, E and A”.

Next: you need to learn how to become a great acoustic guitar strummer. Yes strumming is one of the big “make or break” factors that will either make you sound “tight” or sound “off”.

Here’s my top 5 favorite acoustic guitar lesson courses:

1. Soul Of Acoustic Guitar by Jimmy Dillon

2. Acoustic Mastery by Virtuwul

3. Ultimate Country Blues By Stefan Grossman

4. Fingerpicking Guitar Secrets by Stefan Grossman

5. Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course by Claude Johnson

How to play your favorite songs from the 60's & 70's on the guitar


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