Easy Guitar Lessons That Are Based on Age Group

Whenever I get asked about guitar lessons I always get asked if there are any easy guitar lessons. My answer is “yes”, there are easy guitar lessons. Things that can be learned easily and quickly that can be very satisfying for a beginner. Depending on age of the student and the subject matter will determine how much of an easy guitar lesson it will be.

*Easy guitar lesson for a child 4 to 10 years old: Small children have small hands and therefore cannot be expected play the same things as an adult could. An easy guitar lesson for a child would be a simple 3 note melody played on a single string. This is something that could be easily learned in just a few minutes and would be satisfying to the child.

*Easy guitar lesson for 10 to 13 year old: Teen and pre teen kids have big enough hands to handle playing more advance things like chords. An easy guitar lesson for them would be to simple teach them two simple chords like Am and C. You can switch between those two chords by moving only one finger and they could have it down in a short time. After which you could show them how to play “about a girl” by Nirvana, it’s just those two chords back and forth.

*Easy guitar lesson for 13 and up: Teens to adults have all the requirements to be able to play just about anything. Teens usually have already gotten into music and have formed opinions on what they like to listen to and what they would like to be able to play. An easy guitar lesson for them could be learning Power Chords, the backbone of rock n roll. You could easily teach teen or adult to play Smoke on the Water in a couple of minutes and no matter what they are into they will love it, everyone knows that riff.

*Easy guitar lessons for the senior citizen: I have had many senior citizen students. They can be a bit challenging sometimes because of issues like arthritis. There are still easy guitar lessons available for our elders. Sometimes it has to be approached the same as children to take into account there physical limitations, depending upon the person. They tend to like music from a simpler time and teaching them to play 2 or 3 simple chords will give them the ability to play a simple song like Knocking on Heavens Door, which could be done in a short period of time.

A good guitar instructor will combine these easy guitar lessons in with other not so exciting for the beginner stuff to make things fun and still be productive and keep the interest level up. You can also find many similar easy guitar lessons on sites like YouTube that can get the ball rolling on becoming a guitarist.

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