How to Find Good Private Guitar Instructors

Private guitar instructors need to have unique teaching abilities that surpass what group, online or video guitar instructors have. They must have the ability to teach the same ideas and techniques in different ways to account for the different learning rates of individual people. The following article will go over some of the things you should take into consideration when looking for private guitar instructors.

*The Classroom setting: A very important aspect of learning to play guitar is having a good learning environment that is free from distractions. Weather you take lessons at a music store or at an instructors home, both have the potential for distractions.
If your private guitar instructors studio is at a music store you will want to investigate if it’s in a sound proof room or not. Music stores are noisy with people trying out instruments, a banging drum during your lesson would certainly be distracting. Sometimes instructors are also store employees, be sure they are not going to be called away to assist a customer during your lesson.

If your private guitar instructor’s studio is at his home you will want to see if it’s in a private secluded part of the house or if it’s in the living room. Kids chasing a dog across your lap will cause a disturbance in your lesson for sure.

*Child safety: If you are looking for private guitar instructors for your child there are special things to look for, especially if they are at the instructor’s home. What is the instructor’s policy on you or a family member sitting in on the lesson? Can the instructor pass a criminal background check? You can’t be too careful when it comes to the safety of your children.
*Guitar Detective: With a little of your own detective work via the internet you can find out a lot about potential private guitar instructors. Who could tell you more about there lessons and abilities than a student or former student? If you search for “private guitar instructors” (in your area), many of your potential candidates will have reviews left by students you can read. They may also have there own website that may also have testimonies from past and present students.
You may also want to ask at local guitar shops, many of them have teacher referral programs as do many local schools. Do a little digging and you will find information, if you don’t, maybe there was nothing to find because the person your researching just doesn’t have that much experience yet.

Last thing when considering private guitar instructors is that the bottom line is there ability to teach you how to play the guitar. Factors such as convenient parking, saving a couple of miles on the trip, or a few bucks cheaper should not be in the equation.

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