How to Find The Best Private Guitar Teachers

Private guitar teachers should possess special teaching skills above and beyond what group or video guitar teachers have. Not only do they need to be personable and knowledgeable, they also need to have the ability to explain the same techniques and ideas in a multitude of ways to accommodate the individuality of the student. The following article will cover some of the things you should look for when seeking private guitar teachers.

*The Learning Environment: The place where you take lessons is very important. You want a place where the learning process is not hindered by distractions. If you are looking at taking lessons at a music store you will want to check to see if the lessons will be done in a sound proof room. The last thing you will want is to hear someone beating on drums or someone poorly playing the first four measures of “crazy train” over and over again. If the teacher also is a sales person at the music store, are they going to be disturbed during your lesson with there sales duties?
Many private guitar teachers use there home as the place they teach. While this can be a great way to take lessons, it can have its own set of distractions. Are the lessons given in a home studio or dedicated room? If not, are they going to be kept separate from the rest of the household? Lessons taken from the private guitar teacher’s living room may not be very productive if there is a dog jumping onto your lap or screaming kids running around.

*Do you know where your children are? When seeking private guitar teachers for your children, especially when they are at a private residence you should consider the following; can the teacher pass a background check? What is there policy on weather or not you can sit in on the lesson? The last thing in the world you want to do is drop your child off at John Wayne Gacy’s home for a guitar lesson.
*The secret of your success: One of the best ways to the best private guitar teachers is to do a little research on them to find what other students have experienced. Try searching the teacher’s name or the name of the studio or music store online. If you find them you can usually also find online reviews from previous or current students. If you don’t find any results from your search, that could mean that they don’t much history or experience.
When choosing private guitar teachers the things that should be focused on are things described above and not just the cost or convenience of there location. Driving a couple of extra miles and spending a couple of dollars is well worth it if it is a better learning environment and a more qualified teacher.

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