Help us name this course!

Below is another sample of our DVD course…

I wasn’t sure what to call this… Mark Karan has played
with the guys from the Grateful Dead for years, so
I was thinking maybe call it something “jammy” or something… lol…

Anyway he’s teaching how to create a ton of cool sounds… Below is
just one sound using the mixolydian tonality…

Our favorite title so far is “Pro Jam Secrets Masterclass” but I really want your help
and opinion.

Possible titles could be:

TITLE 1: The Creator Zone

TITLE 2: Jammin’ Guitar Riffs Made Easy

TITLE 3: Enter The Creator Zone With Jammin Groove Tunes, With Magic Makin’ Riffin’.

TITLE 4: Pro Jam Secrets Masterclass

TITLE 5: Creator Zone Jam Workshop

OR…give me your idea, I might like it better.

Please post your comment!

How to play your favorite songs from the 60's & 70's on the guitar


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