How To Embellish Your Regular Chords

Try NEW Chord Shapes On 5 Basic Progressions

In this lesson, Matias Rengel will teach you how to make simple chords more interesting.

Click the link below to download the tabs. Have fun!

Matias Rengel is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, where he majored in Music Production and Engineering. He has been playing guitar since 1999.

At Berklee, he studied with some of the best teachers around the world, including Tim Miller, Norman Zocher, Jim Kelly, David Fiuczynski and Andrew Maness.

He was also part of the Berklee Singers Showcase which features some of the most talented musicians in school.

His recordings and productions were among the best, having one of them selected for the annual MP&E showcase.

He has recorded guitar for many songs, including “California Party” by C-Tru feat. Snoop Dogg.

Matias currently resides is Los Angeles, CA, where he has worked with many artists including the award winning band People The Kangaroo, Russian Pop-Star Annia, Hungarian upcoming producer M8, Italian Raising artist Wepro, Migrant Motel, Jenna Kohut and more.

A few years ago, besides shooting tons of Youtube lessons, he also did his first guitar course for Guitar Control, called “The Art Of Rhythm Guitar”.

If you want to get better with your rhythm playing be sure to check it out 👇

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