Easy Bebop Jazz Guitar Lick Pat M. Style – Part II

Hey guys!

In this guitar lesson, Jon MacLennan will teach you a pretty basic
bebop lick in the style of Pat Martino…

Hope you like it!!!

How’s it going everybody?
My name is John McClennan and I’m here
with guitarcontrol.com, excited to bring
you this lesson. Today we’re going to
look at a Pat Martino lick and this
demonstrates some very typical Pat moves
and it goes over a G minor 7 chord.
Be sure to click the link below for the
tabs so you can follow along and let’s
jump in here.

We’ve got the — we’re going to start
on the 8th fret and we’re going to
descend chromatically, like this.
Then we’re going to go to the next
string. This is something called the
bebop scale. And then he keeps going
down, a little slide, and then…

This kind of sounds like a typical
bebop kind of formula you could play
over a G minor, this kind of thing.
But Pat uses it — he goes… And that,
to me, that line sounds very Wess Montgomery.
I know Pat is a big Wess fan.

Now here’s a typical Pat move using
the flat 9 over — the note A flat
over G minor, which is a really
interesting choice because all the
correct theory and stuff would say
that you wouldn’t way to play that
note over the chord. But Pat does
and makes it sound great, so why not?

Let’s do the whole lick one more time,
slowly. Resolving right there to the
tonic, G minor. I think of two chord
shapes, this one which is 5, 7, 6, 6;
G minor 7, and then just 3, 3, 3, 3,
G minor 7. Once again.

All right, thanks so much for watching
and we’ll see you in the next video.

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