Jazz Chords in the Style of Barney Kessel

In this Guitar Control video lesson instructor Jon McLennan, will show you how to play “Jazz Chords” in the style of Barney Kessel, the “chord master”. Man this guy is so good and this is a way he will move through a II, V, I, sort of that style, that I’ve picked up from him, actually from a song called “Misty”.

Jazz Chords in the Style of Barney Kessel - Jazz Guitar Lesson

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

We’re starting up, with the basic chords C minor 7; F7, B flat major 7, but check-out what he does with it. I’m starting on the 12th fret, 10, 10, — basically I’m thinking of a C minor 9 chord. And then we have the minor 9th and just move down chromatically like this, to finally a C minor triad Minor 7;

And then this is like an F13 flat 9 chord. And then F7 flat 9, like diminished sounds. And then this is a B flat major 9, sort of sound 13 chord.
And then B flat 6-9; B flat major 7; and then a sharp 11

So here it again, slowly. A real nice way “Barney Kessel” lesson there.
So listen to his song “Misty”, one of his arrangements on it, and we’ll see you in the next lesson. Thanks for watching.

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