How to Use Chords Voice Movements in Jazz Guitar

Jazz Chords Voice Movements -- Jazz Guitar Lesson

Jazz Chords Voice Movements - Jazz Guitar Lesson

How’s it going, guys. This is John McClennan
with, bringing you
this video lesson. What we’re going to
talk about today is a series of jazz
chords that move in contrary motion.
So the bass notes go down and the
The melody on top goes up. Check it out.

What we’re doing here is we’re starting
out on a B minor 7, and be sure to click
the link below for the tab, but we’ve
got 7, 9, 7, 7, 7. Notice I’m stopping
this chord. You can normally play all
the strings, but for this exercise, I’m going
to stop at the 2nd string because I want
that note as the melody note on top.

And then we’re going to go to a B flat
minor 13 where all I’m going to do is move
that chord down a half step and add my
pinkie here on the 8th fret there. And now
I’m going to move it down a half step and
expand to play all six strings with
the A melody note on top.

Here I’m going to go to an A flat 6, 9,
which would be 4th fret, 6th fret, 5th fret,
6, 6. My pinkie just gets both those notes on top.

And then that just expands out. So notice again
the melody is going higher and the lower part
of the chord is getting lower. So you get a
really nice spread. It almost sounds like
classical music or something. Here we go.

So again, be sure to click the link below
and practice some of these chords. It can
be a cool device that you can use in your
playing for certain sections of the tune.
So once again, I’m John McClennan.
Thanks for watching.

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