How to Use Chords For Soloing Over a Blues Progression – Blues Guitar Lesson w/ Jon Maclennan

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Hey, how’s it going guys my name is Jon McLennan, with Guitar Control bringing you this video blog, and we’re looking at Cord Soloing over a Blues.

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

We’re going to start on the first fret, just barring one, one, on the low strings then hammer into a major third from g, and b on the sixth string, and the fifth string, and then I move up to what’s called a power chord g, and d, then I play these two notes on the second fret, again these two notes on the fifth fret.

Then, this is what’s called a triton, this is on the second fret and third fret. That’s going to slide up a half step, so we’ve got slowly so far, and then we do this slow blues guitar cliché, where we go like stormy Monday, or something. That’s the third fret, second fret, and third fret, sliding up a whole step and then back down. Basically putting it together, if you want you can add the high string, or the low g with your thumb, get a nice g9 chord. Practice dropping this lick in to the blues, I’ll show you what I mean and you can apply it over the different chords and stuff, maybe you want to do it on c, back to g, and d.

It’s a great way to get started Soloing with Chords, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and we’ll see you in the next video lesson.

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