Learn To Play 5 Easy Killer Zakk Wylde Guitar Licks

Check out 5 Killer Zakk Wylde Guitar Licks – Lead Guitar Lesson With Robert Baker from Guitar Control. Step by step video instructions and the included free tabs (just click the link) and you will be rockin’ these sweet licks in record time.

Zakk Wylde Guitar Licks


Well hello everybody, how is it going? My name is Robert and we are talking about Zakk Wylde licks. We have five different Zakk Wylde licks here for you and the tabs are linked down below if you want to snag those you totally can. I guess real quick I do have a question. Do you have a favorite Zakk Wylde solo? I think there are so many great ones. Desire is a great one, but so many good Zakk Wylde solos.

Zakk Wylde Lick-1

Okay so look number one is a very common one and I’ve used this in some other videos and basically it’s his style of doing descending sixes. So he’ll take the pentatonic scale and we’re in E minor. So basically I’m gonna go 15 12 on the high E, 15 12 on the B and 14 12 on the G. Now he does another set of six, but he just starts over again on the B string; so 15, 12, 14, 12, 14 and you go to the G 14, 12, 14, 12 on the D 14 12 on the A then back to the D string 14 12 14 12… This is a nice one because it’s all based out of that box shape so it’s real easy to move it around… you just move anywhere you can do it.

Lick #2

Okay so let’s do a lick out of Zach’s repertoire, it’s kind of from Miracle Man. I have a couple of them here from Miracle Man and we are going to do it out of the key of E instead of F sharp minor, but it’s basically combining box one and two of our minor pentatonic scale and it goes like this… So I’m gonna go 17 to 12 on the high E string and then 15 to 12 on the high E string and then 15 12 on the B and that’s literally it, you just cycle through that and keep it going… it’s a really great kind powerful sounding lick.

Lick #3

Next on the old chopping block we have a lick from, I think it’s desire. He has this really cool thing where he basically he descends box one and then moves all the way down here and ascends the octave, which it’s simple, but it just sounds cool. So we’re out of f-sharp minor pentatonic and you’re gonna go; 17 to 14, 17 to 14, 16 14, 16 14, 16 14 and then 17 14 and slide all the way down here to your octave, it’s same scale, but you’re gonna ascend it… just like that.

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