New Way of Playing Pentatonic Scales on Guitar

Hey, what’s up? It’s Claude Johnson here
and I just came up with a really cool
pentatonic idea that I want to share
with you. Check it out.

So I want to show you this new way of
using pentatonic scales. Normally we
kind of tend to go up and down the scale,
like A pentatonic. But here’s something
new, try going up two notes on the same
string, but then when you get to the next
string, instead of playing the next note
of the scale, skip that note and go to
the next note and play two. So instead
of this… You have this… If you
continue up the scale, up the neck,
in that pattern, you’d have something
like this.

A very different sound out of a pentatonic
scale. I think it’s going to be a great
way for me to get some more interesting
licks, get out of some cliches and ruts
and I hope you do the same.

Here’s another idea. Instead of just
going like up, you go down two, but
then up the strings like this. And you
can combine this with so-called normal
licks. For example, take blues like this…
It’s actually a pretty cool lick, but it’s
got a pretty common cliche kind of sound.
And then we’ll combine that with one of
our new kind of licks. So it will be like this.

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