How To Use Double Stops To Improve Your Lead Guitar Playing


How To Use Double Stops To Improve Your Lead Guitar Playing

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here and today I want to talk
about double stops. It’s a great lead guitar technique.

A double stop is basically a very tiny, two-note chord.
A great way to use double stops is inside the pentatonic
scale. So in the key of E… Instead of just playing one
note at a time we’ll just play two notes. Anything that
you can do with single notes, you can do with double stops.

For example, you can do a simple lick like this. You can do…
Usually the top note of the chord will be the melody note. So
that could be… Again, anything you do with a normal note you
can do with the double stop. Vibrato, just shake the note. You
can do that with two notes. A bend, you can do that, although
that are some subtleties to that. I won’t go into that. A pattern.
But the important thing is to make sure you’re staying in the
scale. So figure these out. Your E scale, it’s usually going
to be the same fret. But notice when we go to here. It’s a
little different shape.

Another thing you can do, when you’re playing up a set of
strings you can play the notes together or you can play one
at a time or you can play back and forth, something like that,
lots of possibilities. I go deeper into this subject in my
course “Killer Guitar Control Secrets”. So check that out

That’s it. That’s all for now. Catch you next time. Take care.


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