Killer Guitar Lick with Sweep Picking – Shred Guitar Lesson

Killer Guitar Lick with Sweep Picking -- Shred Guitar Lesson

Killer Guitar Lick with Sweep Picking - Shred Guitar Lesson

Hi everybody. This is Darrin Goodman from
bringing you this little video lesson today. Today it’s a
lesson on a little lick that I made up that incorporates
using sweeping and I just wanted to kind of make it bluesy.
I like sweep picking. I think it’s really cool, but a lot
of times when you hear a lot of sweep picking it’s all so
rooted in just being like a thing you hear in metal and neo
classical kind of stuff. So I thought it would be kind of a
cool way to mix together using a natural minor feel in with
a pentatonic minor feel.

We’re in the key of E minor. Be sure to click on the link
in the description for the tabs. We’ve got our first little
shape, A minor arpeggio just on the first four strings. So
I’ve got 14, 12, 12, 12, just barring that 12 with my 1st
finger. What we’re going to do is we’re going to sweep this.

When you do a sweep with your picking hand you don’t want
like down, down, down, down. You want one long, continuous
motion. But when you’re playing this you don’t want it to
be like you’re strumming a chord. I don’t know if you can
see this very well, but as you come down you have to kind of
mute those notes. So with my right hand as I’m coming across
I’m dampening the notes by putting my palm across the bridge
like typical palm muting technique. And then with my left hand,
as soon as I play the note I slightly release it so that way
the note stops. And then with my 1st finger I’m not just barred
all the way as I go. This is kind of an exaggerated motion. I roll.
You only have to lift it up just slightly, just enough so you’re
not quite fretting the note and it will kill it.

From there we slide down into an E minor arpeggio here. So
we’ve got this first one, adding-in this F sharp and this G.
So right out of E minor this would actually be like the last
three notes of Mixolydian. I slide my pinkie up to the 19th
fret and I put my 1st finger on the 15th fret so that way I can
pull-off and then go to 17 on the 2nd string just like that.

From there we’re going to hook it up and try to put the
bluesy rock riff or lick on top of that by sliding this
note down to the 11th fret and then 12 on the 4th string
with our 2nd finger and slide that to 14. This is where
the bluesy lick comes in, just right out of E minor
pentatonic. That’s 14, 12, 14 and then 14 on the 3rd
string with a little bend and some vibrato just like that.

That’s basically the entire lick. We’re going to
repeat the lick, but this time when we get to the
end instead of bending the 14 here we’re going to
go to the 15 on the 2nd string. See?

Finally, we’re going to do it for a 3rd time and
we’re going to go all the way to the 22nd fret on
the 1st string. So hopefully you’ve got a guitar
with 22 frets. We’re going to bend that note up
to an E. If you have a 24-fret guitar, I guess you
could just go to the 24th fret, but it’s kind of
cooler with the bend. So the entire thing…

I hope you enjoyed that. Be sure to click on the link
in the description for the tabs and until next time…

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