How To Get Started Playing Lead Guitar Licks

Good day guitar land, Darrin Goodman here with another mini guitar lesson for you. Today I want to talk about how to get started playing lead guitar licks. Before we get started there are a couple of things that you need to know in order to get going.

First is the pentatonic scale, which is the easiest scale to use to play lead guitar licks with when you first start out. If you do not know the pentatonic scale check this lesson out first.
The second thing is to learn some basic lead techniques like bending. Here is a lesson on bending you can check out also.

So the lick I want to show you today is in the key of A minor and is based out of the pentatonic scale and uses the bending technique.


So starting on the first note you will be fretting it with your third finger, picked as a down stroke and followed by the next two notes also as down strokes; this will help with getting it executed as a triplet. The next note, 8th fret of the first string, will be played with your fourth finger as an upstroke. This note is a bend and release, so you are bending up a whole step and then releasing back down followed by a pull-off to the 5th fret with your first finger. From there it has a descending sequence based in triplets that works well with the alternate picking technique.

This is a very basic lick that can be used in rock or blues alike and will make a great addition to your growing arsenal of licks.

The course Super Charged Soloing Made Simple will get you started with this type of playing and get you to the next level.

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