More Repeating Pentatonic Ideas

Ok, today I would like to share 3 repeating pentatonic licks.

The first one is a 4 note pattern. I repeat it 3 times so you can
see/hear what it sounds like repeating. This is cool because we
are using the HAMMER-ON-FROM-NOWHERE technique. In other words,
we do not pick ANY of the notes on the D string.

The second one is an 8 note pattern. I also repeat
this 3 times so you can see/hear what it sounds like. It is actually
based on the first lick, but we have add some notes before it.

The third example is actually a 7 note pattern.
However, we play it to a normal 4 beat rhythm… So we have
like a 7 against 4 , or 7 against 8 thing going on.

It is a little strange, but I just look at it as a repeating
pattern where the downbeat of each bar is going to be starting
on a different note. I repeat this hear a few times so can
see/hear what it sounds like before wrapping it up with an end-tag.

Sorry again for the synth sounds… I will try to set
up my guitar to record next week so you can hear what
these sound like for reals…

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