Vertical Winding Diatonics

Try out this pattern. It is an example of how you can
be musical even with zero rhythmic varation (all 16th notes)
and only using stepwise motion (only going up or down the
scale, not skipping any notes).

It also should give you some ideas of your
own on how to create endless, winding licks. An additional
benefit is you can work on your alternate picking chops.

We are in the 3-notes-per-string diatonic
pattern of C major. See if you can decode the “pattern” that
i’m using going down and back up. When you get back
to the top, you can start the lick all over again without

Start slow and work
up to speed…Should sound pretty good with 16th notes
between 120 and 160. The example audio is 160. Play
it faster and you’ll really be shredding!

As an additional exercise, try setting
your metronome on a comfortable speed, and
use only 16th notes and only stepwise motion,
but you decide (in the moment) when to change
direction, going up or down. It will definitely
challenge you! (if it doesn’t, simply speed up
the tempo)…and it will lead you to discover
new things.


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