Learn How to Harmonize a Major Scale On Guitar – Part 2

How to Harmonize a Major Scale - Harmony Guitar Lesson -- Part II

How to Harmonize a Major Scale - Harmony Guitar Lesson - Part II

Hi. This is John McClennan and here with
guitarcontrol.com, bringing you this
video lesson. As a second part to our
previous lesson we discussed harmonizing
a major scale in 6ths. So we have this,
which is a great sound and can be really effective.

What we’re going to do now is instead of
playing it on the high strings, we’re going
to drop it down to the middle strings.

So we’re moving it down an octave. If I take
this G and move it down an octave, I can play
this open G and then the B can become here
so I get this sound. There’s almost like
a G chord. And then I’m going to move up to
the next position, which is going to be 2, 3 and
then I’ve got 4, 5 and then 5, 7; 7, 9; 9, 10; 11, 12
and then this is up the octave from where I started.
A really cool sound you can use for creating parts.
Just kind of licks like that.

Again, we’re taking what we had before and
moving to the lower strings. So be sure to
click the link below. One more time, let’s
try it, practice it ascending, meaning going
up and then descending, coming back down.
Here we go. So maybe half notes.

Harmonized major scale in the key of G.
Check it out. We’ll see you next time.
Thanks for watching.

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