How to Play the 7th Chords On the Lower Guitar Strings

Seventh Chords on the Lower Strings -- Harmony Guitar Lesson

Seventh Chords on the Lower Strings - Harmony Guitar Lesson

How’s it going, guys? My name is John McClennan
and I’m here with, excited to
bring you this video lesson. I’m going to show
you some 7th chords on the lower strings today.

What I love about these chords is they are in second
inversion, meaning that the 5th of the chord is in
the bass. So they have a very strong sound. Click
the link below for the tab for this. But let’s start
in the key of C. We’re going to play a C major 7.

The frets here are 3-3-2-4. Now, right away
you notice this chord kind of looks like an E,
like your E chord here, but on the lower strings.
So already that strong sound that I was talking
about you can hear on this chord.

Then I’m going to move this up to D minor 7, which
is 5-5-3-5 and then I move that up a whole step for
a 3 chord, which is E minor 7, the 3rd chord in the
scale. And then F major 7, the same as the very
first chord, but based off the 7th fret. So I’ve
got 8-8-7-9. And then to get to the five chord, the
dominant 7, kind of scoots in here a little bit.
I’ve got 10-10-9-10, which you see this kind of structure
on top, but then you’re playing the 5th on the bass.

And then after G7 is A minor, 12-12-10-12 and then
of course our 7 chord, B minor 7 flat 5, which is
going to be 13-14-12-14. And then that would finish-off
with our very first chord, again, just up the octave.
Then, as always, play it back down for practice. I love
how strong those chords sound. This is a typical chord
that I’ll use. On acoustic guitars I play a C and I put
the 5th in the bass. This is like doing this with a
major 7 chord, all seven chords throughout the scale.

So here we go, one more time. Let’s try
half notes. Back down.

Click the link below for the tab and we’ll see you
in the next video. Thanks for watching.

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