$1 gets you…

Hi Friend,

Well its officially “day 3” of my 12 days of
Guitar Control Xmas.

You can tune into this on the blog: www.claudejohnson.com/blog
Today, I’ll show you a cool “cadence”. If you do check out the
blog, make sure to post your comment. (I love your comments
plus you can win a prize)

Now onto a topic of great importance: As you probably
know by now, we’re offering some cool
specials only in this holiday month of December.

For example, the $1 Xmas dealio.

So what do you get for $1?

You get instant access to 10 fun and cool guitar
lessons that will quickly teach you how to play
ten classic Christmas songs on your axe.

You’ll be able to get “in touch” with the Christmas Spirit
and entertain your friends and family with these beautiful

You can get it right here: www.xmasguitar.com/order.php

You’ll also get: the INTERNAL JOY of Giving!

Yes by purchasing the Christmas Package, you’ll
be helping young up-and-coming kids, plus disadvantaged
families that need help for these Holidays.

I’m going to be matching your dollar and giving ALL of the
Christmas Package money to: Blues Star Music Camps and The Salvation Army.

So get into the Christmas Spirit! Get into Christmas songs!
And get into the Spirit Of Giving!

It’s truly the easiest purchase you’re going to make this year.

“Santa” Claude Johnson

P.S. On another note – I’m going to “cook the Chicken” on Dec. 31st.
Yes, the best selling “Chicken Picking Chops” is
COMING OFF THE MARKET. At least for a little while —
so please get yourself a copy before it’s gone.

P.P.S. ATTENTION METAL FANS: You’re ultimate “dream guitar course”
is coming out soon. Get on the insider wave by entering
your name and email here:

you or someone you love.
Check it out: guitarcontrol.com/xmas-big-deal.php

Best way to Contact us for Help or Support:

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