10 Hot Guitar Tips

Hey Friend,

Claude J here.

I have 10 guitar tips for you today.
Let me explain though, the background
of where this all comes from…

Back in 05, I put my best guitar tips
and tricks into a DVD product.

I called it “Killer Guitar Control Secrets”.
Many of you already have a copy of this
groundbreaking instructional video.

If you do, that’s great! Thank you!
Since then, I’ve created a few cool
software products to help you realize
the promised dream of guitar control.

I’m talking about Guitar Scale System
and Tone Tutor (see the links below).

If you already have “K.G.C.S”, then
these other products will help you
develop what you learned from it.

If DON’T have a copy of Killer Guitar
Control Secrets, I’d like you to
check something out.

Basically, I split up the main advertisement
of Guitar Control into several pages, and
I also included more information about
what you’re going to learn.

I also summarized some of the knowledge
and gave 10 cool tips.

I thought this would better explain things,
and give more value, even if you don’t
grab the course right away.

So, whether you already bought KGCS,
you’re thinking about it, or even
if you’re not considering it right now,
please go check it out:

I think you’ll vibe with the guitar tips.

Of course, feel free by all means to
go ahead and grab a copy of the course.
What I reveal is just the tip of the iceberg
and there’s 12 DVDs full of great information
that will help your playing.

Again, here’s the link: guitarcontrol.com/main.php

I look forward to hearing how guitarcontrol
is helping you rock the house. 🙂

Claude J


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