12 ways to have more guitar fun in 2012

hi Friend,

Welcome to the first day of the rest
of your life, or a little something
I like to call 2012, lol.

Ok, here’s a list I just put together
of things you can start doing TODAY
that will help you have more fun
with your guitar.

1. Learn some of your favorite songs

This is the key for any beginner to start
having tons of fun with guitar. Just
learn the basics of how to play chords
and put them together into songs.

It’s really not that hard. Need help?
Check out:


If you already can play some rock tunes,
then try learning a jazz or classical piece.
It is amazingly rewarding to learn new stuff.

2. Make a video

Music is all about vibrations and sharing
energy. So why not put up a youtube
vid? It is fun on so many levels.

3. Get a Jam session going

Playing with other people is incredibly
rewarding. I was just playing guitars
with a friend of mine last night.
Don’t miss out on the fun!

4. Start or join a band

This is the next level of playing with
others. It’s more work, but the rewards
are greater too. I used to play in
bars and it is an absolute blast.
I’m looking forward to getting
back on the scene too.

5. Sing the blues

Learn to play a basic blues shuffle
and just sing whatever comes to mind.
Try it.

Btw, a great blues course is:


6. Try an alternate tuning

It’s an instant way to make your guitar
sound different. One super easy one
is “Dropped D”. Just take you low
E string down to a D, and you’ll have
a new vibe.

7. Pick like a champ

There’s a lot of satisfaction in
becoming a better picker. A lot of
times we tend to think it’s about
what fancy thing we are doing with
our left hand, but 50% of the equation
is picking. And it can be fun and easy
to improve your picking.

8. Play arpeggios

If you want to take your lead playing
in a new direction, start playing
arpeggios. They are the next level
beyond chords and scales because
they have “built in feel” and you
can play all over the neck and
sound like a pro.

If you want to get better at picking or arpeggios,
check out: https://www.virtuosoguitarsecrets.com/main.php

9. Beef up your rhythm chops

If you wanna be a guitarist, rhythm should
be a part of your life. Don’t get me
wrong, I love leads, but rhythm is the
foundation of everything. And its loads
of fun to lay down a killer groove.

If you want help with this, just see:


10. Enjoy some jamtracks

This is the next best thing to
playing with a band…Actually
a lot of times it can be easier
and more fun. The jam track
never messes up. And it won’t show
up to the session hung over. lol.

Hundreds more backing tracks will
be added this month to the guitar
god club, bringing the total to
over 1000 tracks.

(If you’re not already a member,
you can sign up here:)


11. Get a practice routine

This might not sound like that much fun at first,
but you will have fun with the results.
Think of practice as investing your time and energy.
Your investment will pay dividends of increased

The key to motivating yourself to practice is
to do just a little. Once you get started,
the resistance melts away and it just becomes fun.

The most important thing is to practice consistently.

12. Write a song

Songwriting can be a great way to get creative, especially
if you haven’t written anything in a while. Don’t worry
about “being too original”, just play what sounds good,
even if it sort of sounds like another tune.

Well, that’s it…

Hopefully I at least gave you one good idea today.

Wishing you a happy new year and all the best
of success in guitar and life in 2012.

Claude Johnson



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