A ball of energy that gets me pumped and excited

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Hi Friend,

What if you could combine
Tony Robbins with James Hetfield?

You would get: Jack Frost.

The guy is a ball of energy.

The man is a teacher on a mission.

He’s a like a machine gun blasting
you with in-the-trenches bullets
of powerful guitar tricks.

Inside of “Epic Rhythm Guitar Power”
He’s going to light up a fire inside
of you that no one can douse.

If you like rock, metal or blues —
this is a “must have” instructional course
that will give you a whole new edge
to your playing.

YOUR LIFE if you play guitar.

Friendly reminder: the first 20 buyers win BIG.
Here’s the prize list:

1st buyer: Philosopher’s Tone pedal + Smokey Amp and RokStark guitar (acoustic or electric) + 3 sets of RokStark Strings
2nd buyer: RokStark guitar (acoustic or electric) + Smokey Amp + 3 sets of RokStark Strings
3rd buyer: RokStark guitar (acoustic or electric) + Smokey Amp + 3 sets of RokStark Strings
4th-9th buyer: 3 sets of RokStark strings + Smokey Amp
10th to 20th buyer: 3 sets of RokStark strings.

So I highly recommend you mark it to your
calendar, alarm, ICal, Google calendar, Blackberry, Iphone…

Here’s the info:

Wednesday August 17th (that’s in just 2 days!)

Noon Pacific time
1 pm Mountain time
2 pm Central Time
3 pm Eastern Time
4 pm Atlantic Time
4:30 Newfoundland Time (serious this exists!)

Just go to the blog page and refresh at launch time.


For those about to Rock!
I salute you!

Claude J

P.S. For now go check out the previews.
Heck, even these sample videos make me excited:

Rhythm Guitar Power Sample Videos

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