A guitar legend phone call

Hi Friend,

Hope you’ve been enjoying our little tales
of madness and mayhem…

Let’s pick it up with Mr Gabel, our
resident fusion-shred maestro…

Last episode, our hero won a “dream recording
date” with George Lynch.

Here’s the rest of his story:

**** THE PHONE CALL ****

So after George called, I then ran into the bathroom where my
wife was taking a shower and yelled
“Candi, George Lynch is on the phone!”
She’s like “Who?!” ( Like, why are you bothering me. )
I said ” George Lynch from Dokken! ”
Anyway, in the coming weeks George and I spoke
periodically on the phone back and forth and he
mailed me a cassette tape to practice with.
I worked out a solo and called him up and played
it over the phone.

I was supose to play 2 solos. My second solo he said
was too over the top jokingly and wasn’t
going to let me play that.

Oh, by the way, on side B of the tape was George mocking me.
He has the track going and he was on the mic saying stuff
like ( in a Mexican accent ” My name is Derryl and I’m a shredder….”

The first night I arrived at the hotel Valedon in West
Hollywood. It was nice. George sent a limo to pick my
wife and I up and we went to the studio. We entered
the control room and there was George. Wow, it was like
I was in a dream. The lights were low and you could see
all the LED lights from all the studio gear. It was
like being on the space shuttle or something.

George handed my wife a rose. Then he was asking
me about my Ibanez guitar and the licks I was playing.
Later we played some ping pong and then went out for
some mexican food.

The next day my wife and I went to the studio so I
could record my solo. George wasn’t there. They said he
didn’t want me to be nervous. I played my 2 solos and
then George arrived and asked me to play 2 outro solos.

I hadn’t worked them out so I just went for it.
Later George and I were in the control room and he
was calling all his famous guitar buds ( on speaker phone)
Van Halen, DiMartini, Hammet, Jake E Lee…

Next we went walking up and down Melrose Place
looking for John Cunniberti ( the producer ).
We talked about different stuff. I can’t even remember.
I was 21 and said a bunch stupid things (lol)!

I never got to ‘jam’ with George but it was still
an experience I’ll never forget.

The track that appeared on the official album
only had one of my solos. George played over the rest.
The track you are going to hear has all the original solos.
The first solo is the one they kept. Probably my best anyway.

Man, I can’t believe that was 20 years ago!


Cool, great story thanks Derryl…

Anyway folks, hope you enjoyed this. Our compliation “album”
from Derryl, Silvio, me, Virtuwul, Dylan, and Jimmy Dillon
is coming out on Tuesday.

Stay tuned… it’s gonna be sweet!

And next email I’ll let Silvio wrap up his infamous Mr. Jeremy

Keep rocking that guitar my friend,

Have a great day! – Claude


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